Sunday, July 20, 2014

Child Support Confusion: Percentage of what!?

In New York, child support is calculated by using a percentage of the parents combined income.

Seems simple enough, no?  Not really.  Most people want to know what is the percentage they need to pay.  But it's not that simple.  If you re-read the definition, "a percentage of the parents combined income", you can see many ambiguities.  

For example, what is income? Is it gross? Is it net? Is it my second job? Or what does "combined" mean?  What if you do not work, or the other parent does not work? or the parent works but gets paid in cash?  

Even the word "parent" can be ambiguous.  Can a grandparent collect? Can the father who is not named on the birth certificate collect or be sued for child support.  

The possibilities in interpretation of child support laws are endless, quite frankly.  There is no good reason to go to court without a lawyer.

Call for an attorney today to represent you at your child support hearing.  Call us so that we can make certain that the calculations are made correctly.

Para que usted pueda recibir el monto de sustento o manutension para su nino, al que tiene derecho, deberá hacer una petición por la vía judicial. Le ayudaremos a presentar la petición ante el tribunal para que se le asigne una orden de sustento de acuerdo con la ley.  No vaya a la corte sin abogado.  Llamenos para una consulta y pare que le representamos sus interes ante el juez.



Thursday, July 17, 2014

We got the 732! We got you covered!

Jersey, we got you covered!  the 201 and the 732 area code!

Serving the following counties in Jersey. Call to make an appointment for the office closest to you.

Trabajamos en estos condados in Jersey. Llame para hacer cita para una oficina cerca de ti.

  • Bergen County
  • Essex County
  • Middlesex County
  • Monmouth County
  • Morris County
  • Ocean County
  • Somerset County
  • Union County

We practice mostly in the following areas of law:
Nosotros atendemos casos mas frecuentemente en estas areas de la ley:

  • Criminal Law
  • Traffic Law
  • Family Law
  • Immigration



Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Texting and Driving....Think Again

Texting a driving is dangerous...we all know that.  It can cost your life or even other people's lives.  It can also cause points on your license. 

Don't go to Traffic Court without a lawyer.  Have an attorney represent you in traffic court!

Yeah traffic... we do that too. 

We serve all of Westchester, Rockland County, Long Island, and NYC, and of course New Jersey, Bergen county and surrounding counties.

Please don't text and drive.  if you're driving and you have a phone in one hand, be glad you only have a ticket in the other!

And when you get home, call us! Tu Abogado Del Pueblo



Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Latin Vision - Spotlight on Tu Abogado Del Pueblo

Take a look at attorney Victor M Urbaez spotlight on the Latin Vision website as a Hispanic Entrepreneur.

Here is a quick blurb from the interview: 

Tell us about three entrepreneurs that you admire?

I can think of 1: The lady on the corner that sells habichuelas dulces.  I think she gets more for her money in terms of profit and expensive then 95% of businesses out there.   Lines are blocks long and there is very little overhead.  It’s a sweet business!

Read the whole interview here:

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

These Shoes are Made for Walking

photo: mix 96.7
As solo practitioners, we travel to where ever our clients have their cases.  

Here is a map of all the courts Torres has appeared in.

The different jurisdictions are as follows:

  • Federal Court
  • Bankruptcy Court
  • State Supreme Court
  • Criminal Court
  • Surrogate Court
  • Civil Court
  • Family Court
  • Housing Court
  • Small Claims Court
  • Town and Justice Court
  • Administrative Hearings
    • Workers Comp, NYS Unemployment, DOE
  • Traffic Court

and last but certainly not least, -if not for them, you wouldn't be reading this- 

The National Arbitration Forum under the jurisdiction of ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers in Minneapolis, MN. (not included in map below)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

11 Must Have Apps for Lawyers

As a solo practitioner, I have cases all over New York and travel quite a bit. If it wasn't for my apps I don't know where I'd be!  As a lawyer on the go, I need information and access right on my fingertips.  Here are my top 11 apps that I use for my business, in no particular order because I can't function without any of these!  I tried to narrow it down to 4, but... mission impossible!

Google Voice.  This app is a separate phone number which is the phone number I use for my business.  Where would I be without Google Voice?  Calls come into my cell or laptop or tablet!  Anyone can access my virtual phone with access to my Google Voice.  I get the calls or texts even if I happen to be in the subway or in a courthouse with no signal.  Voice mail is transcribed, so I don't have to actually listen to the message.  There are other features that I don't use but are extremely useful, like call blocking, different messages for different groups of people, and listening to someone leave a message, and be able to answer, just like old fashion answering machines!  Its an incredible resource!  All entrepreneurs had better have this app!  

Google Drive.  I love Google Drive!  I use it for everything.  In fact, Google Drive is the main reason I never thought I needed Evernote.  I use Google Drive to write letters, draft documents, spreadsheets, notes, diary.  Anything.  Evernote does not have spreadsheets.  So I still use Google Drive.  Can't live without it. 

Evernote.  I was slow on getting with Evernote mainly because I am Googled out!  I use everything Google.  But I tried again recently and now I use it for quick reminders, notes- things I need quick access to.  And the cell app even has it so the widget can link directly to any note you have on Evernote -which is FANTASTIC.  I have a  note there with all the addresses of my offices and I linked it so it's right  on my phone.  I also linked a  note I have of a picture of the map of all my offices.  With Evernote you can save as note, text or pictures, or anything!

Google Keep.  I just started using Google Keep, probably because I can't seem to get enough of Google!  I love it because it's essentially a post-it note.  It's super quick and easy and looks just like the old post-it notes.  I use it for quick, dispensible information.  Things I need to remember or do quickly and probably don't need to keep. Not that you can't keep it but it just reminds me of a quick post-it note.

SQUARE.  With Square I can easily get paid.  My clients love it.  They are always impressed when I plug in my SQUARE into my smartphone and proceed to charge them.  It's super easy.  I get my money in my account the next day.  Now I can offer discounts using their marketplace.  See it here...

Fastcase.  Fastcase is great!  I like it much better than Pushlegal.  More info for free and very user friendly!   I can check case law and statutes while I'm sitting in court!  Quick, easy and keeps me up to date with the applicable law that I need for whatever case I happen to be working on. 

Hello.  I just started using Evernote's Hello.  It is a separate app but gets synced seemlessly with Evernote.  Everytime you meet someone, at that moment, you input their email address and it pulls in their Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook and automatically sends them an email from you.  You must do it at the moment because it also shows where and when you met them.  Everyone you met at the same place will all show up together. Great tool to remember people!

Mobile Hotspot. I'd be remiss not to mention Mobil Hotspot. With this I can use my phone's WIFI connection on my tablet or laptop.  Although everywhere you go nowadays has WIFI, but there are times where you are stuck and there is no WIFI or the WIFI is weak.  I never have to worry.  I just turn on my Mobile Hotspot and I'm online on my laptop or tablet.

Finally, there are all my my traveling apps.... 

Google Maps is ubiquitous but BuzzJourney is also an excellent app.  Even Mapquest.  But habit has me going back to Google Maps. 

For New York City straphangers, I use MetroCalc.  You tell it how much value your Metrocard has and it will tell you how much to add to take advantage of the 5% bonus and end up with an even number of subway fares with no left over change!  The NYC Transit system won't be taking my left over change any longer!!!

Now there is also an MTA app with real time for both bus and trains.  I use the one for the bus, MTA BusTime because usually the train comes every 4-6 minutes anyway or the station says when the next train is.  But the bus?  Who knows when it's coming!  Not anymore!  Now with the app it says where the bus is! -->  one stop away, 2 stops away...  Like the ad says, why wait for the bus when you can meet it?

And I say... why do it yourself, when there's probably an app for that!!!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Star-studded PRBA GALA 2014

Star-Studded PRBA Gala 2014
The annual PRBA gala was held at Tribeca 360 with a star-studded presence, including

  • Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez  She has made history several times during her tenure in Congress. 
    • 1992- first Puerto Rican woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives
    • 1998- first Hispanic woman to serve as Ranking Member of a full House committee
    • 2006- she was named Chairwoman of the House Small Business Committee, making her the first Latina to chair a full Congressional committee.
  • Ruben Diaz, Jr., Bronx Borough President, previously served in the New York State Assembly.  Díaz was elected to the Assembly at the age of twenty-three, which made him the youngest person elected to the legislative body since Theodore Roosevelt.
  • Lorraine Cortes-Vasquez, former Secretary of State of New York, the first Hispanic to serve in that role.  Currently she's an Executive VP at AARP and also Board member of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade
  • Carol Robles-Roman, former long-standing Deputy Mayor of New York,  now appointed President and CEO of Legal Momentum, a defense and education fund dedicated to ensuring economic and personal security for women and girls. With former first deputy mayor Patti Harris, Robles-Román, 51, was the longest serving deputy mayor in the city’s history 
  • and of course the keynote speaker, Melissa Mark Viterito, Speaker of the New York City Council, the first Puerto Rican and Latina to hold a citywide elected position

Scholarships were given to worthy law students.  A silent auction helped raise more funds for the scholarship fund.  And the evening ended as any other Puerto Rican fest, gala or not, with dancing on the dance floor!

Attorneys dancing salsa...
bet you don't see that everyday!

Here are some pictures of the evening of the Puerto Rican Bar Association Gala by photographer Becky Yee from Around Digital Media.:

See them by here....

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

KIVA - Empowering People with $25 Loans

Empowering people around the world with a $25 loan.

KIVA is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.  Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of nicrofinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.  Learn more about how it works.

Just donated to MARA DE JESUS from EL SALVADOR through KIVA.  Feels good to pay it forward!!!

Maria is seeking a loan to buy two mild cows so she can make cheese to sell in the surrounding areas.  In this way she would generate income for her family.

In the future she wants to use the income from fruit sales, the harvest,a nd the cows bought with the loan money to buy more cows and increase milk production.

Maria tiene 43 años de edad, solamente logro estudiar hasta noveno grado, ahora ella está casada y su esposo se dedica a la agricultura.

Maria se dedica al comercio de frutas, ella se levanta a las 4:30 AM. junto a su esposo para realizar sus actividades diarias mientras sus hijos van a la escuela, el oficio lo aprendio de su madre, su esposo trabaja en la parcela y camina 2 km para llegar al lugar y en el transcurso de la tarde ella busca más frutas para salir a venderla al día siguiente.

El crédito solicitado, lo necesita para comprar dos vacas que le producirán leche para la elaboración de queso, el cual sale a venderlo a sus alrededores y le genera ingresos para mantener a su familia.

Sus planes a futuro son que con los ingresos que obtiene de la venta frutas y de la siembra y del préstamo para la compra de las vacas, podrá en un futuro incrementar el numero de vacas y así la producción de leche.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Should You Sign a Prenup?

Certain parts of life tend to be stickier than others. To sign or not sign a prenuptial agreement is one of those parts. Who hasn't seen news of the wealthy entangled in court battles when there was no prenuptial agreement? Gossip pages often depict who's divorcing who and the money they are fighting over. It can get ugly. ....

Read rest of article, that includes, a quote from our very own Torres! 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Betty Lugo as New President-Elect of the PRBA

Packed house of members of PRBA
Few would disagree that last week's PRBA general meeting and election is probably the most spirited meeting of any bar association meeting ever! The reason: an election between two very talented and well-respected members running for position of President-Elect. This position means the person has been elected President, but has not taken over the role officially yet.  In the PRBA, the President-Elect takes office the following year.  

Read more here->

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Midtown locations

Convenient new locations in Midtown, Long Island, and the Bronx.

Just to serve our clients better!

Choose the office nearest to you and call to make an appointment today!  347-948-6773

  • Midtown - Chrysler Bldg
    • 405 Lexington Avenue bet. 42nd & 43rd
  • Midtown - Park Ave
    • 445 Park Avenue bet 56th & 57th
  • Brooklyn / Queens / Long Island
    • 1979 Marcus Avenue, North New Hyde Park, NY
  • Bronx
    • 101 Soundview Avenue, Bronx, New York

Check the Google map below.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Special $500 for Child Support Case

Image courtesy of: AKARAKINGDOMS

For a limited time ONLY, 

you can have an attorney appear with you at a child support hearing - 

for only $500!

The $500 covers only ONE court appearance.  The appearance must be the final appearance for your case.  This is determined by the attorney.  Therefore, you must first have an attorney consultation to determine that your case is eligible for this offer.

This is great for our clients that insist that it's a quick and easy case and that it is only for ONE court visit.  This sometimes is true.  Therefore, for a limited only, if you consult with the attorney first, for the fee of $100, and if it's is determined by the attorney that your case is indeed a quick and easy case that only requires that one court appearance, then ... 

you have a lawyer for only $500!

Call for details!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Clean Your Legal Life

Photo: Oh, so organized!
Spring is a time of renewal and growth.  You can't spring forward and grow without cleaning up your clutter.  Clutter weighs you down.  Clutter doesn't allow you to move forward.

There is physical clutter,  financial clutter,  mental cutter, and there is also legal clutter.  Legal clutter weighs you down because it leaves uncertainty in your life.  You can't move forward with uncertainty. Spring clean your legal life now.

Here are some legal areas in your life that may require Spring Cleaning:

  • Wills  ...  Have you written a will that's now outdated? Or perhaps you haven't gotten around to writing one yet? Get this worry out of your legal life now.  Get rid of the uncertainty and write a will now.

  • Child support  ...  Have you patiently been waiting for the father of your child to do the right thing and financially support your child? Constantly worrying how to make ends meet to support your could.  Get this worry out of your legal life now.  Get rid of the uncertainty by speaking to a lawyer today and get a court order for child support.  
    • Perhaps you do get support, but it's sporadic. It's frustrating to manage your bills not knowing for certain when or if you will receive a payment. Get this worry out of your legal life now.  Get rid of the uncertainty and get a child support court order now.  
    • Whatever the uncertainty surrounding your child support,  get this worry out of your legal life now.  Get rid of the uncertainty by speaking to a lawyer today and get a court order or perhaps get an enforceable written agreement.

  • Custody and Visitation  ...  Do you see your child sporadically, at the whim of your child's mother?  Constantly wondering and worrying about when will be the next time you see your child?   Get this worry out of your legal life now.  Get rid of the uncertainty by speaking to a lawyer today and get a court order for visitation.

  • Incorporations  ...  Have you been thinking about starting a business.  Perhaps you are already doing business but not yet incorporated.  Why not incorporate your business now?  Why have this worry and uncertainty on your mind about when you're going to incorporate? Get this legal worry out of your legal life now.  Get rid of the uncertainty and speak to a lawyer today to get incorporated once and for all.

  • MISC  ...  Ever wonder if you should sue for that incident- you know the one. Why wonder about it? This uncertainty is weighing you down.  Get this legal worry out of your legal life now.  Get rid of the uncertainty and speak to a lawyer today about the legal worries in your legal life and know for sure. 

Spring clean the legal worries out of your legal life.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Now Serving Both Sides of the Tappan Zee!

Haverstraw, Clarkstown, Orangetown, Stonypoint, Nyack, New City!

Yonkers, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, White Plains, Rye, Mamaroneck, Mt. Pleasant, Ossining, Scarsdale, Yorktown, Tuckahoe, Scarsdale, Hawthorne, Sleepy Hallow, Valhalla!  

We see you!  

Now come see us at our new office conveniently located about 10-30 minute drive from where you are!  Call to make an appointment at our new offices located at somewhere new you!  Convenient to the Sprain Brook, Taconic State, I-87, I-287, and Bronx River Parkway.

Here are our office locations:

  • Downtown White Plains  
    • 50 Main Street, White Plains, NY  10606
  • White Plains  
    • 777 Westchester Avenue, White Plains, NY  10607
  • Montibello  
    • 400 Rella Blvd, Montebello, NY 10901
  • Mt. Pleasant, Hawthorne, NY  
    • 7 Skyline Dr, Hawthorne, NY 10532
  • Rye  
    • 411 Theodore Fremd Ave, Rye, NY  10580
  • Tarrytown  
    • 520 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, NY 10580

Hablas espanol.  Pues, seguro!

Call today!  347-948-6773

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Adriano Espaillat Could Become the 1st Dominican in Congress

Adriano Espaillat is trying a second time against incumbent and long standing Congressman Charles Rangel.  And try he must because the last election Espaillat lost by a mere 1,100 votes!

Think about what that means.  1,100 votes means that when you went to vote, you didn't take Abuela with you!  or vice versa- Abuela didn't take you with you! 

If Espaillat wins this election, it would be very special beucase that would make him the first Dominican born member of Congress.

For us, Espaillat is special because it was Adriano Espaillat that gave Victor Urbaez a letter of recommendation for law school!  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Why Hire a LATINO attorney?

Urbaez bumped into an old friend from Washington Heights who had a neighbor that needed legal assistance.

so the potential client said:  My lawyer said they have a audio tape of me and so that i should plead guilty and i would only do 1 year.  just 1 year.  so i figured that's a good deal.

Urbaez asked his friend's neighbor from Washington Heights, what's on the tape?

He anwered: "Oh-Oh! I dont know!"

Urbaez said ok, let's go speak to your attorney.  So Urbaez asked the attorney, I want to hear this audio tape to see what it says.  So the attorney said, no problem.  It's pretty damaging stuff!  Here goes... and the attorney clicks <play>.

The voice on the recording says: "mira nene, ay bendito..."

Urbaez abruptly stands up.  "This meeting is over because that is NOT the defendant on that tape!"

"How can you be so sure counselor?"

"I am more than sure.  That is NOT him on that tape!"

"well. perhaps you should listen a little more.  You hardly heard it at all."

I've heard enough to know that that is NOT the defendant on the tape!

"You know if he pleads Not Guilty they will have voice experts to analyze the tape"

"Voice experts do not concern me because that is NOT him on the tape."

"How can you be so confident counselor? How do you know for sure?"

Urbaez nods his head. "Not Guilty." Turns to the defendant and says, "Vamonos,  este tiguere no conoce un boricua cuando lo oye.  Ese fue un Bori hablando.  Ese no eres tu!  Y nunca puede ser tu.  Imposible!"

Client grabs his coat and walks away with Urbaez, "oh-oh!  Co-mo!?!"

It's not so much speaking your language.  It's a cultural sensitivity.  This is just one example.

Next time think about THAT before you call just any attorney!

He dicho!  Caso Cerrado!   Tu Abogado Del Pueblo

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Text us!

In this modern day world, business should be just as modern.

After all, everybody texts! And everyone has a cell phone!

Therefore with our law office, 

if you need an update of your case, feel free to TEXT US!

and we will text you back!


Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day is not for everyone!

Divorce for only $600
Did Valentine's Day make it abundantly clear about the end of your relationship?

If that's the case and it's time to talk to a divorce lawyer, call us!

Divorce for only $600.

If your divorce is Uncontested with No Children and No Property and if Both Parties can sign together at our office, then the fee is:


Does not include court fees.


Divorcio por solo $600.

Divorcio de mutuo acuerdo sin hijos, ni sin propiedad, y ambos tienen que firman juntos en la oficina de nosotros.


No incluye gastos de la corte.


Certain restrictions apply*:

This special is for divorces in which there are:
1. NO children
2. NO property of any kind - NONE- even if you are in agreement
3. BOTH parties will sign together at the office.

If you're situation does not satisfy all 3, then the price is higher.

Please call about your specific divorce needs for a quote.
The quote usually may be done over the phone. For more complex cases a consultation is necessary. The consultation fee is $60.


Este especial es para un divorcio en cual:
1. NO tienen hijos
2. NO tienen propiedad ninguna- aunque estén de acuerdo

3. Los DOS van a firmar juntos en nuestra oficina

Si su situación no satisfecha los 3 requisitos, entonces el precio será más.

Por favor llámenos de su divorcio para una cuota.
La cuota usualmente se puede dar por teléfono. Para divorcios más complicados será necesario una consulta en la oficina. La consulta cuesta $60.

*Other restrictions may apply, including but not limited to: international marriages, out of state marriages, grounds must be irreconciliable differences. Otras restricciones pueden ser, incluyendo pero no limitados a: matrimonios internacionales, matrimonios de otro estados, bases legales para el divorcio tiene que ser 'mutuo acuerdo'

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Begin the Beguine - Bye, Bye, CHARLIE!

Urbaez was in court just last week and the judge called out to him saying: "Mr. Urbaez, may I speak to you for a moment..."

This is rather unusual. An ex-parte communication with a judge!  Urbaez was intrigued and walked over.

The judge told him:

I see your address is on Passaic Street.  Tell me.  Is that old record store still there? 

Urbaez smiled and answered:  

Yes of course!  Right next door!  CHARLIE!  You know he's retiring this year!  He's in his late 80's!

Well, Charlie Rigolosi died a few days after that.  Rest in Peace Charlie!  

Here is an article from the New Jersey Record: 

this is how it begins:

Charlie Rigolosi was just 12 years old when he bought his first record, Artie Shaw's "Begin the Beguine".

It was the beginning of a lifelong love affair for Rigolosi, who, at age 87, still gets a thrill when he digs through a box of new records.

"I love going through them. It's like Christmas for me," said Rigolosi.

Also see this video interview of Charlie: