Sunday, July 20, 2014

Child Support Confusion: Percentage of what!?

In New York, child support is calculated by using a percentage of the parents combined income.

Seems simple enough, no?  Not really.  Most people want to know what is the percentage they need to pay.  But it's not that simple.  If you re-read the definition, "a percentage of the parents combined income", you can see many ambiguities.  

For example, what is income? Is it gross? Is it net? Is it my second job? Or what does "combined" mean?  What if you do not work, or the other parent does not work? or the parent works but gets paid in cash?  

Even the word "parent" can be ambiguous.  Can a grandparent collect? Can the father who is not named on the birth certificate collect or be sued for child support.  

The possibilities in interpretation of child support laws are endless, quite frankly.  There is no good reason to go to court without a lawyer.

Call for an attorney today to represent you at your child support hearing.  Call us so that we can make certain that the calculations are made correctly.

Para que usted pueda recibir el monto de sustento o manutension para su nino, al que tiene derecho, deberá hacer una petición por la vía judicial. Le ayudaremos a presentar la petición ante el tribunal para que se le asigne una orden de sustento de acuerdo con la ley.  No vaya a la corte sin abogado.  Llamenos para una consulta y pare que le representamos sus interes ante el juez.



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