Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day is not for everyone!

Divorce for only $600
Did Valentine's Day make it abundantly clear about the end of your relationship?

If that's the case and it's time to talk to a divorce lawyer, call us!

Divorce for only $600.

If your divorce is Uncontested with No Children and No Property and if Both Parties can sign together at our office, then the fee is:


Does not include court fees.


Divorcio por solo $600.

Divorcio de mutuo acuerdo sin hijos, ni sin propiedad, y ambos tienen que firman juntos en la oficina de nosotros.


No incluye gastos de la corte.


Certain restrictions apply*:

This special is for divorces in which there are:
1. NO children
2. NO property of any kind - NONE- even if you are in agreement
3. BOTH parties will sign together at the office.

If you're situation does not satisfy all 3, then the price is higher.

Please call about your specific divorce needs for a quote.
The quote usually may be done over the phone. For more complex cases a consultation is necessary. The consultation fee is $60.


Este especial es para un divorcio en cual:
1. NO tienen hijos
2. NO tienen propiedad ninguna- aunque estén de acuerdo

3. Los DOS van a firmar juntos en nuestra oficina

Si su situación no satisfecha los 3 requisitos, entonces el precio será más.

Por favor llámenos de su divorcio para una cuota.
La cuota usualmente se puede dar por teléfono. Para divorcios más complicados será necesario una consulta en la oficina. La consulta cuesta $60.

*Other restrictions may apply, including but not limited to: international marriages, out of state marriages, grounds must be irreconciliable differences. Otras restricciones pueden ser, incluyendo pero no limitados a: matrimonios internacionales, matrimonios de otro estados, bases legales para el divorcio tiene que ser 'mutuo acuerdo'

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Begin the Beguine - Bye, Bye, CHARLIE!

Urbaez was in court just last week and the judge called out to him saying: "Mr. Urbaez, may I speak to you for a moment..."

This is rather unusual. An ex-parte communication with a judge!  Urbaez was intrigued and walked over.

The judge told him:

I see your address is on Passaic Street.  Tell me.  Is that old record store still there? 

Urbaez smiled and answered:  

Yes of course!  Right next door!  CHARLIE!  You know he's retiring this year!  He's in his late 80's!

Well, Charlie Rigolosi died a few days after that.  Rest in Peace Charlie!  

Here is an article from the New Jersey Record: 

this is how it begins:

Charlie Rigolosi was just 12 years old when he bought his first record, Artie Shaw's "Begin the Beguine".

It was the beginning of a lifelong love affair for Rigolosi, who, at age 87, still gets a thrill when he digs through a box of new records.

"I love going through them. It's like Christmas for me," said Rigolosi.

Also see this video interview of Charlie: