Thursday, July 16, 2015

Justice Ginsburg is Diva-fied

Justice Ginsburg Diva-fied in new Opera
There's Batman and Robin and then there's Batman vs The Joker.  That's the dynamic between the Supreme Court Justices: Ginsburg and Scalia.  Both on opposing sides of the the law on most issues.  Scalia being staunchly conservative. and Ginsberg, fighting for women's rights and equality and believes the Constitution was made to defend the country's principles and read liberally.   But their differences don't mar their friendship and now this dynamic is the topic of a one act OPERA.

Justice Scalia, is now a Divo, thanks to this new opera about the two Justices, "through his blunt (some would say scathing) dissents that he has earned a reputation as

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

13,000 Latina Lawyers in the Entire United States

There are only 13,000 Latina attorneys in the United States.  Let that sink in.  Do with that info as you wish. Here is more stats to mull over -->

Currently, Latinas comprise only 1.9% of associates and 0.4% of partners in law firms, the lowest representation of any racial or ethnic group. 

In corporate law departments, Latinas make up only 0.4% of general counsel in

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hip Hop and the Law

Hip Hop lyrics talk about many things except for law school --- until now that is!  

Listen to Drake's lyrics in How 'Bout Now and he mentions the BAR exam.  

Always felt like my vision been bigger than the bigger picture
Crazy how you gotta wait until it's dark out to see who really with ya
Crazy how even when it miss ya, sh*t'll come back around and get ya
Crazy like all my n***, crazy like all my n***
Remember I deleted all my other girls numbers out the phone for you?
Remember when you had to take the BAR exam, I drove in the snow for you
You probably don't remember half the shit a n*** did for you

There should be more hip hop lyrics that talk about other things like law school!

Another of Drake's songs: Started fro the Bottom has a kids version that exalts the