Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Why Hire a LATINO attorney?

Urbaez bumped into an old friend from Washington Heights who had a neighbor that needed legal assistance.

so the potential client said:  My lawyer said they have a audio tape of me and so that i should plead guilty and i would only do 1 year.  just 1 year.  so i figured that's a good deal.

Urbaez asked his friend's neighbor from Washington Heights, what's on the tape?

He anwered: "Oh-Oh! I dont know!"

Urbaez said ok, let's go speak to your attorney.  So Urbaez asked the attorney, I want to hear this audio tape to see what it says.  So the attorney said, no problem.  It's pretty damaging stuff!  Here goes... and the attorney clicks <play>.

The voice on the recording says: "mira nene, ay bendito..."

Urbaez abruptly stands up.  "This meeting is over because that is NOT the defendant on that tape!"

"How can you be so sure counselor?"

"I am more than sure.  That is NOT him on that tape!"

"well. perhaps you should listen a little more.  You hardly heard it at all."

I've heard enough to know that that is NOT the defendant on the tape!

"You know if he pleads Not Guilty they will have voice experts to analyze the tape"

"Voice experts do not concern me because that is NOT him on the tape."

"How can you be so confident counselor? How do you know for sure?"

Urbaez nods his head. "Not Guilty." Turns to the defendant and says, "Vamonos,  este tiguere no conoce un boricua cuando lo oye.  Ese fue un Bori hablando.  Ese no eres tu!  Y nunca puede ser tu.  Imposible!"

Client grabs his coat and walks away with Urbaez, "oh-oh!  Co-mo!?!"

It's not so much speaking your language.  It's a cultural sensitivity.  This is just one example.

Next time think about THAT before you call just any attorney!

He dicho!  Caso Cerrado!   Tu Abogado Del Pueblo

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