Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Special $500 for Child Support Case

Image courtesy of: AKARAKINGDOMS

For a limited time ONLY, 

you can have an attorney appear with you at a child support hearing - 

for only $500!

The $500 covers only ONE court appearance.  The appearance must be the final appearance for your case.  This is determined by the attorney.  Therefore, you must first have an attorney consultation to determine that your case is eligible for this offer.

This is great for our clients that insist that it's a quick and easy case and that it is only for ONE court visit.  This sometimes is true.  Therefore, for a limited only, if you consult with the attorney first, for the fee of $100, and if it's is determined by the attorney that your case is indeed a quick and easy case that only requires that one court appearance, then ... 

you have a lawyer for only $500!

Call for details!


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