Friday, May 16, 2014

Star-studded PRBA GALA 2014

Star-Studded PRBA Gala 2014
The annual PRBA gala was held at Tribeca 360 with a star-studded presence, including

  • Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez  She has made history several times during her tenure in Congress. 
    • 1992- first Puerto Rican woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives
    • 1998- first Hispanic woman to serve as Ranking Member of a full House committee
    • 2006- she was named Chairwoman of the House Small Business Committee, making her the first Latina to chair a full Congressional committee.
  • Ruben Diaz, Jr., Bronx Borough President, previously served in the New York State Assembly.  Díaz was elected to the Assembly at the age of twenty-three, which made him the youngest person elected to the legislative body since Theodore Roosevelt.
  • Lorraine Cortes-Vasquez, former Secretary of State of New York, the first Hispanic to serve in that role.  Currently she's an Executive VP at AARP and also Board member of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade
  • Carol Robles-Roman, former long-standing Deputy Mayor of New York,  now appointed President and CEO of Legal Momentum, a defense and education fund dedicated to ensuring economic and personal security for women and girls. With former first deputy mayor Patti Harris, Robles-Román, 51, was the longest serving deputy mayor in the city’s history 
  • and of course the keynote speaker, Melissa Mark Viterito, Speaker of the New York City Council, the first Puerto Rican and Latina to hold a citywide elected position

Scholarships were given to worthy law students.  A silent auction helped raise more funds for the scholarship fund.  And the evening ended as any other Puerto Rican fest, gala or not, with dancing on the dance floor!

Attorneys dancing salsa...
bet you don't see that everyday!

Here are some pictures of the evening of the Puerto Rican Bar Association Gala by photographer Becky Yee from Around Digital Media.:

See them by here....

Carol Robles RomanFormer NYC Deputy Mayor
Current CEO of Legal Momentum
Melissa Mark-ViveritoNYC Speaker of the House

PRBA Gala 2014

PRBA Rec. Secy Alex Badillo
PRBA Pres-Elect Carlos Perez-Hall

Lorraine Cortes-Vazquez, former Secy of NYS,
EVP of AARP, & Board member of the PR Parade,
Jennese Torres, Officer and Exec Board Member of PRBA.
Nydia Velazquez, Congresswoman

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