Wednesday, June 4, 2014

11 Must Have Apps for Lawyers

As a solo practitioner, I have cases all over New York and travel quite a bit. If it wasn't for my apps I don't know where I'd be!  As a lawyer on the go, I need information and access right on my fingertips.  Here are my top 11 apps that I use for my business, in no particular order because I can't function without any of these!  I tried to narrow it down to 4, but... mission impossible!

Google Voice.  This app is a separate phone number which is the phone number I use for my business.  Where would I be without Google Voice?  Calls come into my cell or laptop or tablet!  Anyone can access my virtual phone with access to my Google Voice.  I get the calls or texts even if I happen to be in the subway or in a courthouse with no signal.  Voice mail is transcribed, so I don't have to actually listen to the message.  There are other features that I don't use but are extremely useful, like call blocking, different messages for different groups of people, and listening to someone leave a message, and be able to answer, just like old fashion answering machines!  Its an incredible resource!  All entrepreneurs had better have this app!  

Google Drive.  I love Google Drive!  I use it for everything.  In fact, Google Drive is the main reason I never thought I needed Evernote.  I use Google Drive to write letters, draft documents, spreadsheets, notes, diary.  Anything.  Evernote does not have spreadsheets.  So I still use Google Drive.  Can't live without it. 

Evernote.  I was slow on getting with Evernote mainly because I am Googled out!  I use everything Google.  But I tried again recently and now I use it for quick reminders, notes- things I need quick access to.  And the cell app even has it so the widget can link directly to any note you have on Evernote -which is FANTASTIC.  I have a  note there with all the addresses of my offices and I linked it so it's right  on my phone.  I also linked a  note I have of a picture of the map of all my offices.  With Evernote you can save as note, text or pictures, or anything!

Google Keep.  I just started using Google Keep, probably because I can't seem to get enough of Google!  I love it because it's essentially a post-it note.  It's super quick and easy and looks just like the old post-it notes.  I use it for quick, dispensible information.  Things I need to remember or do quickly and probably don't need to keep. Not that you can't keep it but it just reminds me of a quick post-it note.

SQUARE.  With Square I can easily get paid.  My clients love it.  They are always impressed when I plug in my SQUARE into my smartphone and proceed to charge them.  It's super easy.  I get my money in my account the next day.  Now I can offer discounts using their marketplace.  See it here...

Fastcase.  Fastcase is great!  I like it much better than Pushlegal.  More info for free and very user friendly!   I can check case law and statutes while I'm sitting in court!  Quick, easy and keeps me up to date with the applicable law that I need for whatever case I happen to be working on. 

Hello.  I just started using Evernote's Hello.  It is a separate app but gets synced seemlessly with Evernote.  Everytime you meet someone, at that moment, you input their email address and it pulls in their Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook and automatically sends them an email from you.  You must do it at the moment because it also shows where and when you met them.  Everyone you met at the same place will all show up together. Great tool to remember people!

Mobile Hotspot. I'd be remiss not to mention Mobil Hotspot. With this I can use my phone's WIFI connection on my tablet or laptop.  Although everywhere you go nowadays has WIFI, but there are times where you are stuck and there is no WIFI or the WIFI is weak.  I never have to worry.  I just turn on my Mobile Hotspot and I'm online on my laptop or tablet.

Finally, there are all my my traveling apps.... 

Google Maps is ubiquitous but BuzzJourney is also an excellent app.  Even Mapquest.  But habit has me going back to Google Maps. 

For New York City straphangers, I use MetroCalc.  You tell it how much value your Metrocard has and it will tell you how much to add to take advantage of the 5% bonus and end up with an even number of subway fares with no left over change!  The NYC Transit system won't be taking my left over change any longer!!!

Now there is also an MTA app with real time for both bus and trains.  I use the one for the bus, MTA BusTime because usually the train comes every 4-6 minutes anyway or the station says when the next train is.  But the bus?  Who knows when it's coming!  Not anymore!  Now with the app it says where the bus is! -->  one stop away, 2 stops away...  Like the ad says, why wait for the bus when you can meet it?

And I say... why do it yourself, when there's probably an app for that!!!

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