Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I heard a great inspirational story at the LATINAS CON VISION event sponsored by NY Life as told by Isabel E. Villar, Executive Director of El Centro Hispano.  Allow me to share:...

She said she started working nights at this idea of having a "hispanic center".

so she toiled every night after her day job till like 9.30pm. and one of the things they wanted to do was give college scholarships.  so they were finally able to give a few scholarships at $50 a piece. this was back in the 80s. 50 dollars.

wasnt much even then. but thats all they had. wellll... one of the scholarships recipients - LUISITO was his name. when he rec'd this scholarship to go to college he was so ... idk- LIT UP! so inspired so incredibly amazed to think that someone would grant him 50 bux to go to college, that he applied for more scholarships.

well.... luisito went to college. great.

so meanwhile, this 'hispanic center" lady kept doing her thing. working nights and working hard and then it was time.  she was ready. the time had come to get their own office space. they needed a whole building. so she said in the meeting- how are we gonna build this building??? and someone said... well... why dontcha call LUISITO!


yeah. he's an ARCHITECT now.

so they called LUISITO. errrrr LUIS now. and they asked him. they said. we wanna build a building for the hispanic center. we have limited funds so tell me, she said: hw much would u charge us for designing this building?

luisito jumped up! NO! he said! how cld i ever charge the one person that made me believe in myself! when u gave me those $50.... it changed my whole life. i will design ur building at no charge!


awww! that story makes me feel so good! full circle moment! what u give away WILL come back to u!
it WILL! pay it FORWARD!

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