Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cross things off your Legal To-Do List!

List of Things To Do

Was your New Year's Resolution to: Cross things off your "Legal To-Do" list?

Some New Year's resolutions aren't that difficult at all because some of them is just simply a goal to get something DONE, once and for all.  So let's do it!  Call us and cross things off your "Legal To-Do" List!

  • Write your will. The time is NOW. Get it done and ... cross it off your list!
  • Check on the status of that child support. Do u deserve more now? Or perhaps you're paying too much?  Find out now and cross it off your list!
  • Change your name legally.  Is your name on your birth certificate the same as your other forms of ID?  It should be.  Change it now and... cross it off your list!
  • Are you still married but separated now for years?  If the time is now for your divorce, then do it now and ... cross it off your list!
  • Are you running a small business and you are STILL not incorporated?  If you are serious about your business, or serious on starting a business then incorporate now and ... cross it off your list!

To help you CROSS IT OFF YOUR LIST  here are some special fees just for the new year:

(fees do not include court fees, if any)

  • Drafting of wills ..... $600
  • Child Support Case ..... $1500
  • Change of name .... $350
  • Uncontested No Fault Divorce without kids, without property ..... $375
  • Incorporation ..... $500

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