Wednesday, November 16, 2016

LawDiva Doctora Ana Maria Polo
Doctora Ana Maria Polo from Caso Cerrado is a judge on TV but that was only half her dream.  See, her first dream was to be  in front of the cameras, YEAH!  But not as a judge, no or even as an actress.  NO!  She wanted to SING!  

She plays guitar and sings and even composes her own music.  This diva even sang in front of the Pope once.  

Maybe music wasnt in the stars for her because she became a lawyer instead.  But somehow, she made it to the front of the cameras deciding cases and declaring judgement with her signature throw of the gavel. 

Funny how things turn out though!  Music is still her passion and she composed and sings and even raps the song for the show!  

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