Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Teaching The Children About A Career in Law

We participated in Career Day at Bronx Academy of Promise Charter School.

J. Torres and Chris Baez roleplayed with the 2nd grade classes "A Day in Court".

The children played the role of Judge with a black robe and a gavel and some students played the role of the client.  We roleplayed 3 different scenarios.

1- Student was told he/she received a ticket for texting and driving.  We gave the child a real ticket! They loved that! Then Baez represented them in front of the Student-Judge asking the child:  Isn't it a fact that.... At the end the Student-Judge rules in the child's favor because he/she was texting in his car but he/she wasn't driving at all. He/She was parked! The Student-Judge slammed down the gavel and declared: "DISMISSED!"

2- Student sees this beautiful house and wants to buy it.  We gave the child a glossy magazine picture of a house. We explained you need a a lawyer to buy a house.  But instead of a Judge they need a Banker.  Baez this time represented the would-be home buyer in front of the Student-Banker and the Student-Banker slammed the gavel and declared "APPROVED".

3- Students (2 of them) are professional baseball players.  We gave each child a baseball glove.  We explained you need a lawyer to sign the baseball contract.  Not only that but now the managers don't want to pay you. <gasp!>  We handed over a contract and explained: You need a lawyer.  Baez cross-examined the children-major-league-players in front of the Student-Judge, asking such questions like:  Isn't this your signature on this contract?  Doesn't this contract say you are supposed to play baseball?, etc.  Finally the Student-Judge slammed down the gavel with the decision: "PLAY BALL!"

We had a wonderful time teaching the children about what it's like if they choose a career in Law.

Thanks to Effie Karrabas from the Bronx Academy of Promise Charter School for this wonderful opportunity!

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