Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Urbaez in the News - Former Prosecutor Trying to Point Finger at Urbaez

According to an article in The Register, Bergen County prosecutor is being replaced and his record shows that he faulted in the Malik Williams case which is represented by Victor Urbaez.

Here read for yourself.  The article is not found online, not every article in the hard copy newspapers appear online.

The article's first paragraph:

"John Molinelli's decade as Bergen County prosecutor was marked by the resolution of numerous cold cases, the conviction of a mayor from a prominent family on misconduct charges and an investigation into a police shooting that riled a city."

As we know all too well, it was U.R.G.E.N.T. that "riled the city".  And it was Victor Urbaez who took on the Malik Williams police shooting case.

Another pertinent part of the article states: 

"Molinelli was faulted last year for the way he handled an investigation into the shooting of a Garfield teenager. Local activists and the family of the teenager, Malik Williams, criticized him for not releasing details about the case.  Molinelli said he tried to balance the public's right to know with protecting the integrity of the judicial process.

"I certainly understand the frustration by community members that want details," Molinelli said in an interview with The Record at the time.

After a grand jury determined last year that there was not enough evidence to charge the officers involved in the shooting, Molinelli said he reached out to the Williams' family's attorney, Victor Urbaez, to set up a meeting.  Urbaez, however said he never received a phone call."

As we all know too well, the "local activists" that criticized Molinelli was URGENT, and one of those specific activists, was none other than, Victor Urbaez.

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