Thursday, May 23, 2013

Puerto Rican Bar Association's GALA 2013

The PRBA 56th Annual Gala was a great success!

There was great food, drinking and dancing!  

oh yeah... and the honorees were...

  • Justice Sallie Manzanet-Daniels
  • Raul Russi, CEO 
  • Borah, Goldstein, Altschuler, Nahins & Goidel, PC
  • Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman, LLP
  • Dr. Felix V. Matos Rodríguez
  • Goya  Foods,  Inc.

Justice Sallie Manzanet-Daniels
  • native New Yorker
  • first Latina Justice in NYS Appellate Division, First Department

Raul Russi
  • Chief Executive Officer of Acacia Network, Inc. 
  • the largest Puerto Rican-founded organization in New York
  • annual budget of more than 130 million in revenue and 200 million in asset dollars
  • Buffalo’s first Hispanic police officer and ultimately awarded the department’s Purple Heart when he was shot in the line of duty

Borah, Goldstein, Altschuler, Nahins & Goidel, P.C.
  • represents landlords in residential and commercial actions and proceedings related to all aspects of real estate law  

Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman LLP, 
  • one of the largest litigation firms in the country, represents clients in high-stakes lawsuits involving antitrust, banking, class actions, complex financial products, creditors’ rights and bankruptcy, employment practices, and the list goes on...

Dr. Felix V. Matos Rodriguez
  • President of Hostos Community College    
  • former Secretary of the Department of the Family for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico managing an annual budget of $2.2 billion
  • Cum laude graduate of Yale University
  • published extensively in the fields of migration, women's, Puerto Rican, Caribbean and Latino studies
  • his expert commentary has appeared in leading publications including New York Times, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Congressional Quarterly, Diario/La Prensa, list goes on...
  • social scientist

ahhh!  What can you say about GOYA?  Si es bueno, tiene que ser Goya!

Well, did you know that GOYA is
  • the only company  to ever be honored by The President
    • During Hispanic Heritage Month, President Barack Obama honored Goya  for its continued success and commitment  to  the Hispanic community
    • The  following year, Goya collaborated with First Lady Michelle  Obama  and  the  USDA  to  launch MyPlate/ MiPlato  campaign,  a  national health initiative to help educate Americans on how to eat healthy. 
  • America’s  largest  Hispanic‐owned  food company  and  the  premier  source  for  authentic  Latin  cuisine
  •  over  2,200  high‐quality  and  affordable  food  products  from  the  Caribbean, Mexico, Spain, Central and South America
  • over 15 facilities throughout the United  States,  Puerto  Rico,  Dominican  Republic  and  Spain
Some trivia, see if you can answer...

Who founded GOYA back in 1936?

Where, in what city, was the small storefront this family opened?

Click to see the answers:

In 1936, Don Prudencio Unanue and his wife Carolina, immigrants who  first migrated  to  Puerto  Rico  from  Spain,  started  Goya in  a  small storefront on Duane Street in Lower Manhattan.   Driven by the belief that there was a growing consumer market for high‐quality, fresh‐tasting, Latin foods, the Unanues catered  to  local  Hispanic  families  by  distributing  authentic  Spanish  products including olives, olive oil and sardines.  

As  the  Hispanic  population  grew  in  New  York  and  throughout  the United  States, 
Goya’s  product  line  and  facilities  expanded  as  well.    The  company  relocated  from 
Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn in 1958, until it established its current headquarters 
in Secaucus, New Jersey in 1974. 

Goya now boasts over 15 facilities throughout the United  States,  Puerto  Rico,  Dominican  Republic  and  Spain,  employs  3,500 worldwide,  and  produces  and  distributes  over  2,200  products  including condiments,  pantry  items,  beverages,  canned  and  frozen,  as  well  as  a  vast assortment of low sodium, gluten‐free, organic, and kosher foods.  

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